Search Engine Ranking Factors

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Webmaster will worry about site's ranking more than anyone else, they have reason to worry because search engine ranking are depend on some factors. And here are some factors that lead to be a better ranking in search engine:



1. Use Appropriate Keywords


Much of search engine optimization takes place while writing content or just before publishing it. Keywords are important, even if many have begun to feel they aren't quite so. Title keywords must match the content and search term. So, create a content for visitor, not for search engine.



2. Internal Linking


One could also link other websites that you may own, if the content is relevant. Internal linking help drive traffic to previous posts, and it's called "bounce rate" the more you put another relevant link in your post, the higher chance people will click it. You can see the example of internal linking in my post here:



3. Clean and Friendly URL


The URL structure must be clean, and should not be clogged with symbols and meaningless characters. This kind of URL is called permalink. Example:



4. Social Media


The internet has become social, and your ranking will depends on how much it shared. So make a good content and let people share it! They will share your content to their own network.



5. Error Free and Load Fast


Use valid HTML5 to be more search engine friendly. And don't add useless thing on your website to make it light-weight when loaded like flash animations and irrelevant images or videos to your website.



Written by Irfan Fadilah at 41studio

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