Optimize Your Social Media Now!

Optimize Your Social Media Now!

Business owner today is very lucky. They live in the era of social media. As many people know that social media is one of the powerful tools to spread out your product and brand fast, and also cheaper than usual ways. Social media offer chances for people to spread the words “mouth-to-mouth” via internet and it can be seen by people around the world. Branding has never become more easier today.

However, there are some ways you should know to develop your business through social media. It can also help you when you are a recruiter and wants to hire a social admin, as lots of people said that they received lots of applications for the position, but only few who really fit for the position. while many others only apply because they think this is a simple thing to do, but it’s not. Sorry to disappointed you :). Well let’s begin, then


1. Begin Now !


You want to spread out your business through social media, but you haven’t got any account, then begin right now. Don’t think too much and find yourself lazy to do that. Good businessman never wait till later what you can do right away :).


2. Do Some Research


After you set up your account, you may begin your research about your own product, what you want to say, and where you can find your potential clients or consumers. You can simply using search engine to do this “little” research. Note that you must be careful of aggressive behavior in social media, especially Twitter, or you’re gonna get suspended or banned.


3. Pick Only Some


There are so many social media in the internet, but you don’t have to use all of those. Just pick some you really like or easy to use. However, Facebook and Twitter still in the first place which used by people around the world. If you don’t like both, there are still others you can figure out and begin your business branding.


4. Spend a Good Time


You can’t just have an account in social media, then sit down lazily doing nothing. You must be proactive with your fellow people in that social media and most importantly spend a good time to do things in your social media accounts. Building trust need time, also building your business and people’s interest to your product, but trust me when you achieve your goal, then your time was worthy.


5. Run-out of Ideas


Many people experience this kind of problem. You don’t know what else you should write or say in your social media accounts. Don’t be panic or even desperate, the really simple thing you can do is you copy-paste other’s writing, put into google translate, then translate it to a language you don’t know, then translate it again to original language. Boom, you just have the same writing, but with different diction. Yes, that’s the trick of paraphrasing. Just don’t get used to it 🙂


6. Check and Recheck


Check and recheck your doing in your social media accounts, or you can say it analyze for more modern language :). Analyzing your activity using your social media accounts is very important to know how effective your activity is, if it still doesn’t bring you good result, you still have time to review and create the best strategy based on your experience. Remember that not everybody success in the first time, but only looser give up after one time failed 🙂

And that’s it. Reading this article over and over again won’t bring you any good without practicing it, so PRACTICE NOW!!! 😀



Written by Selim Abdillah Internet Marketing at 41studio

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