5 Facts You Should Know Before Doing Your Promotion in Social Media

5 Facts You Should Know Before Doing Your Promotion in Social Media

We all know that nowadays social media have been showing their talent in the world of men. Not to mention the coming of smartphone which make people more easier to interact each other. Marketers know this opportunity to promote their brands to the world easily and of course cheaper than to door-to-door marketing.

If we ever ask marketers of why they use social media to promote their brands, the answer will be because the smartphone users are many around the globe and their brands can be promoted faster, cheaper and more effective and efficient by using social media.

However, many of the people using social media to market their brand, but also many of them don’t exactly know how to use the tools. We must aware that people now are getting more and more critical to the information spread out through social media and they can be very lethal not only to increase our popularity, but also to hand down our brands very quickly. Here’s the facts you should know before you promote your brands with social media:


1. Your Post Is What You Are !!!


This is usual term for people using social media nowadays. You should be careful with what you’re going to post or tweet. Those will represent yourself and or your Company. Make sure you say something definitely you know, because if you post or tweet hoax information or just some unproven saying, then you may loose people’s trust on your brand or Company.


2. Make Yourself Clear


You can’t just post or tweet something as you like. Many marketers in the world promote their brand or product and perhaps market the product which is very similar with you. So you have to make yourself clear in explaining your offer, as for Twitter perhaps you can simply include the URL to be more details, as it allow only 150 character to express your purpose.


3. Be Unique !!


Sometimes it is good to make your post or tweet unique by bringing a little controversial saying, many people give positive response for the controversial post or tweet in social media.


4. Remember, You Can’t Always Wish People To Have Same Reason With You


Playing in social media is playing in a wide range soccer field. Many people with many motives using this kind of media. They have variety of backgrounds. You can’t wish they all have the same thought as you are. That’s why you must realize that in social media you will play other’s point of view. You must know exactly what the response will be when you want to post or tweet something and always ready for anything unexpected.


5. Use Selective Strategy


Many people success market their brand and products using social media but also many who fail. You must create some strategies before doing anything. So, you won’t waste anytime. Plan, act, and response.


Those would be five elements from me before you do your marketing act in social media. However, the most important thing is always be yourself and focus with what you want to achieve. See you again on the next tips. Give comment if you like this article 🙂

Written by Selim Abdillah Internet Marketing at 41studio.

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