4 Tips To Improve Your SEO

4 Tips To Improve Your SEO

4 Tips To Improve Your SEO


1. Post Only Fresh Content



Posting new content regularly is a good way to make your website indexed frequently. Improve your chances of having the content shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter by making it’s relevant. The fresher, the better.



2. Use the <title> Tag



The <title> tag defines the title of a HTML document. It’s required on all HTML documents. Therefore you should aim to add target words at the beginning of the tag itself. This is very important, because the <title> tag defines a title in the browser header. Also provides a title for the page when it’s added to favourites and can display a title for the page in search result.



3. Add Internal Links & <alt> Tag



All internal links should have a follow attribute to allow search engines go through your website easily. And don’t forget to add <alt> tag to any image links.



4. Always Fix Broken Links



Broken links can be really annoying to visitor and of course the search engine itself, because broken links stop search engine spiders finding your content and navigate around your website. There are thousand of free tools on the internet for finding broken links.



Written by Irfan Fadilah at 41studio


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