Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

11 Types of Websites

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11 Types of Websites

There are interesting phenomenon in the world of IT today, especially in website development world. If years ago only few people or institution which have website, but now everyone and every institution can make website easily and cheap, then come out many kinds of websites with various benefits and purposes.

Now we will talk about various kinds of websites you can build for your own purpose to be exist in the world without responsibility to go out from home, you just have to have a computer or laptop and internet connection, and of course a website, then you can be very famous in the whole world.

1. Search Engine

Search engine website is a website which specifically collect all links and contents in the whole website which can be found in internet to be shown as indeks lists. Those indeks lists are coming from keywords which are suitable with what users look for. Many people have familiar with this kind of website to look for the information they want. This kind of websites are, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

2. Wiki

Wiki website is a website which allow it’s visitors to write and edit articles inside the website with some rules to be followed. Each wiki website has different rules. Usually, even though people are free to write and edit, there are still teams who have responsibilities to check all the contents to be publish in the website. Many people input wiki website as source of information, but it can’t be trusted 100%. The most famous wiki website is Wikipedia.

3. Archive Site

Archive site is a website which is made to collect and save electronic matters cush as, website contents and pages, in order not to get lost or extinct. For example of this website is archive.org and google groups.

4. Social Networking

This is the biggest phenomenon, at least for the last 5 years. Social networking sites are sites which people from around the world can share information through status update, video, photos, etc. Facebook and twitter are the most famous social networking sites today, but before that there are Friendster, and Multiply.

5. Forum

Website forum is for people to share opinion and ideas among others with the same interest or topic. in the forum there will also sub forum based on certain categories. To develop a complete forum takes lots of time. Luck us there are ready-to-use software to make this kind of site such as vBulletin, yabb, vanilla, SMF, etc.

6. News Site

This kind of website is to publish news for people. The concept is just like news paper, but in online version. There are different characteristic for this kind of site, depend on the target of the readers.

7. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking website is sites which allow people to post articles, information, to be read or commented by other users. This kind of site usually used by those who want to promote their site’s content. Some of the famous social bookmarking sites are, Digg and stumbleupon.

8. Media Sharing

This kind of sites are specifically provided for users to upload electronic media such as, pictures, music, videos, so people around the world can see them and give comment and rating. The sample sites are Youtube, Flick, Imageshack, etc.

9. Company Profile

Company profile site is sites for companies to promote their company. This sites usually include information about the company, product of the company, portfolios, and services, etc. Lately company profile sites are more attractive by included related articles and discussion forum. The purpose is for getting more traffic to the website.

10. Online Store

Perhaps you have familiar with this kind of website. Online store is websites to sell products and usually have the most important features such as, shopping cart for people to make order. The fact that many people using online store to sell their products make the existence of open source software to build the site keep coming, but remember that online store sites must be updated regularly and be up to date, so people will always find something new in it to attract their attention.

11. Blog

Blog is a site for people to express their interest. People can write everything in their blog, as the first concept of this kind of site is for online diary. However, today blog has been used by professional to promote their product or services. Most famous blog today are wordpress and blogger.

So, that’s all some of the kinds of websites, perhaps you know more and can share with us here :). May this article can give you more description about website and it’s use.

Written by Selim Abdillah,

Internet Marketing at 41studio

Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.