Why is SEO feel harder for small business?

Why is SEO feel harder for small business?


We feel that SEO is very hard for small business to develop. It is because small business has nothing like large business has. Here, I would like to compare why it seems very hard for small business to play in SEO field.



1. Pennyless



Small business commonly has less money to focus on their SEO. The only reason that many large companies spend so much budget for marketing and advertising is because they deliver return on investment (ROI). Large company sees this and they devote their extra effort in developing SEO for their branding, as they have bigger budget than small business, then they will be able to hire top-notch consultants, pay expert to create great content with great design, etc.



2. Timeless



As the wise man says “time is money” it also means vice versa. If we have less time then we have less money. Fewer member in marketing team means that everyone is juggling multiple tasks and nobody can focus 100% on SEO. Some business are so small that they only have one or two people doing EVERYTHING, make the SEO progress is stucked. Real SEO person takes a lot of time. Creating worthy readed content, optimizing web pages, promoting the company assets and securing links, running tests and none of them is easy. Small business often doing rush job and end-up resulting in underoptimized sites with poor rankings.



3. First Thing First



When the company only have short of resources, everything becomes primary tasks, but until the end nothing really gets written and published. The fact is, if we wait to do SEO until everything is done we would never do it. That’s why big companies hire dedicated SEO with no excuses.



4. Too Many Changes



The lack of experience and skill of the team in small company make them hard to keep up with changes. SEO experts know exactly how to live and breath search has time and incentive to follow competitor’s publications and keep up with the rapidly changing search landscape. They will know when the search engines release a ig change in their algorithm that could affect the marketing strategy. They will notice when there are new techniques that is worthy to try it or not.



5. Have No Good Relationship with Search Engines



In search engines we can see the ads or inorganic SEO. This payment SEO seems unfair that their name will appear on the top of the search engines just because they pay. But actually we have to think like this. Imagine we only do organic SEO (without payment), as we are the owner of the product we will do our best to keep a good relationship with our potential client. Isn’t search engines do the same? That they will treat high payment company which used to pay them high to be their priorities? Big companies pay search engines first, then the search engines will treat them well by little by little make them their favorite brand without paying anymore, as the big companies have invested well enough for them.



Written by Selim Abdillah

Internet Marketing at 41studio

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